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Celebration Collection Cards: A Beginner’s Guide

Celebration Collection Cards: A Beginner’s Guide

Rare Pokémon collector's cards are becoming more valuable, appreciating at over 10,000 percent.  New Celebration Collection Cards are being revealed alongside new product announcements.

If you want to start collecting Celebration Cards, you're in luck. This beginner's guide will give you all the ins and outs of collecting Pokémon Celebration Collector's Cards.

Pokemon Celebrations Opening

A slew of new products is opening for the new Pokemon Celebration Collection including new card reveals. This popular trading card game continues its legacy with a new anniversary collection. This short guide will cover everything including the differences between the main sets and subsets.

Each celebrations pack will contain four cards. The four cards themselves focus on the main set. The main set is made up of the bulk of your pulls. This main set includes standard legal cards that include that are playable in the Pokemon TCG right away.

The subset is going to be making up most of your chase cards. It is a little bit more difficult to pull subset cards. There is most likely a single subset card inside of one of every three booster packs.

These are going to be made up of cards from the extensive history of Pokemon. It's a cool collection of remastered originals that take inspiration from the original series and are not standard legal.

These subset cards will bring excitement to your search when purchasing individual celebrations booster packs. These are among the many types of Pokemon boxes available in the collection.

Celebrations Pokemon Card List

The set itself is broken into two parts. There is the main set of 25 cards, which are all-new cards and new reprints. It also includes some full arts, V cards, and V Max prints as well.

Then, there's the classic collection. These cards include reprints of popular classic cards with slight tweaks in the texture and twists with a different type of holographic.

The Pokemon Celebrations pack will not release via a pack-by-pack model. Instead, most of the cards are placed within larger boxes that have individual packs. The unique nature of each pack warrants a full pack of 4 instead of the standard 10.

Main Set List

The pull ratio for the main set seems reliable. It is possible to complete the set after purchasing a handful of booster packs.

Aside from that, what are some of the card reveals? There were main set cards that were recently revealed.

This includes an interesting design from the psychic-type Pokemon Lugia.  It also includes the fighter-type Pokemon Groudon as well as the Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon Dialga.

Those lists include all legendaries and the famous electric-type, Pikachu. Pikachu, being the 25th Pokemon inside of the Pokemon Pokedex, is the central focus of this set. Since, after all, we're dealing with the 25th anniversary.

There is also a professor's research card featuring Professor Oak. A strange occurrence with this card is the unique portrait. This is because Professor Oak is hanging his arm outside of the portrait and writing notes. This will occur less frequently in the set.

The main list divides into two separate areas. The first 25 cards are the base set, consisting of different elemental types with a modern touch. The second collection consists of cards that are seen as reprints of the original form.

The main list is as follows:

Fire Types

1. Ho-oh

2. Reshiram

Water Types

3. Kyogre

4. Palkia

Electric Types

5. Flying Pikachu V (Full Art)

6. Flying Pikachu VMAX (Full Art)

7. Surfing Pikachu V (Full Art)

8. Surfing Pikachu VMAX

9. Zakrom

Psychic Types

10. Mew

11. Xerneas

12. Cosmog

13. Cosmoem

14. Lunala

15. Zacian V

Ground Types

16. Groundon

17. Zamazenta V

18. Yveltal

Dark/Flying Types

19. Dialga

Psychic/Steel Types

20. Solgaleo


21. Lugia

Trainer Types

22. Professor’s Research [Professor Oak]

23. FA Professor’s Research [Professor Oak]

Psychic SR Types

24. SR Gold Mew

These are reasonably easier pulls, but cards such as SR Gold Mews may have more difficulty. Since these are textured full-art cards with stronger finishes. Solgaleo, Dialga, and Lugia will make frequent appearances as well in the collection.

Among those booster packs, you will come across frequent repeats. This includes Ho-oh, Reshiram, Kyogre, and Palkia. They are common among individual packs.

The same goes for Cosmog, Lunala, and Cosmoem. If you frequent these booster packs, you will find many copies of these individual cards.  

Classic Card Collection & Features

The classic cards may have more difficulty as well to pull from individual booster packs. There are some unique things to note about the classic collections.

First, every single card in the classic set will provide added texture in some form or another. This includes the Pikachu celebrations holographic in the portrait.

This includes cards like Blastoise that features a spiraling holographic style covering the entirety of the card. There are other features such as Imposter Oak's gold border which was a feature of the Japanese card style.

There are also other embedded features like Groudon's CGI effect in its portrait. So, like the rain in the Zapdos card, they will accentuate these features on the new anniversary collection.

There are also a few ex-era cards that are on the climb lately. One includes the rare Mew-ex and the Donphan-ex card. Both the EX and GX cards will provide a clean flat finish.

Conversely, there are more cheap basic borders such as the Carchomp level X card. These shiny borders are also reflective of the old-school style.

Also, the cards will include the original numbers and set symbols on the reprint. One thing you will notice in the Wizards of The Coast style cards is that they drop the wizard off the older cards.

Classic Card Main List

The classic collections list is as follows:

Base Set

1. Venusaur

2. Charizard

EX Dragon Frontiers

3. Gardevoir ex δ

Black & White Base Set

4. Reshiram

Base Set

5. Blastoise

Neo Revelation

6. Shining Magikarp


7. Dark Gyarados

Wizard Black Star Promos

8. Pikachu

Gym Challenge

9. Rocket's Zapdos

Platinum—Rising Rivals

10. Luxray GL LV.X

Black & White

11. Zekrom

Black & White—Next Destinies

12. Mewtwo-EX

EX Legend Maker

13. Mew ex

Sun & Moon—Guardians Rising

14. Tapu Lele-GX

HeartGold & SoulSilver

15. Donphan

Diamond & Pearl—Great Encounters

16. Claydol

EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua

17. Team Magma's Groudon

POP Series 5

18. Umbreon ☆

XY Base Set

19. Xerneas-EX

Neo Genesis

20. Cleffa

XY—Roaring Skies

21. M Rayquaza-EX

Platinum—Supreme Victors

22. Garchomp C LV.X


23. Here Comes Team Rocket

Base Set

24. Imposter Professor Oak

EX Team Rocket Returns

25. Rocket's Admin.

Each card in this set receives a "rare holo" classification. The only ones that are exempt from that title are the 24 and 25 cards from the base set.

Reshiram and Zekrom reveal a full art card. Zacian V and Zamenzenta V are also two full art kids appearing in the base set. One cool feature is the reveal when these two cards are placed one beside the other. You'll discover that these two portraits share an illustration!

In other packages, there are additional cards such as the holographic Mimikyu. There's a chance for a subset card with each 4 pack. But, there are three main cards from the base set.

So the combinations include either three main cards and one subset card. Or, three conversely be four main set cards.

Ultra Premium Collection

Two commemorative metal cards are included in the Ultra Premium Collection featuring Base Set Charizard and a Base Set Pikachu. It will also include a special gold version of the Poke Ball and Pikachu V.

There is a total of 17 Celebrations booster packs, all featuring the different 4 card combinations mentioned earlier. In addition, there are 4 more Pokemon TCG trading card booster packs as well. The collection will also provide 3 storage boxes to store all collectible items, keeping them in mint condition.

There is also a manual that will chronicle the history of the TCG game mechanics. With that said, a card with a special code on it will allow players to play the online TCG.

Valuable Subset Card Additions

Along with the main set reveals, a lot of subset cards were also revealed in recent times. These are also Pokemon cards from TCG's history. These cards are the ones many individuals are chasing after.

This reveal list includes team Magmar's Groudon, a unique fire-type. An iconic card from Pokemon's history. The next item in the reveal includes the shining water-type Magikarp.

This is an A-tier trading card in comparison to all the potential subset pulls. It was an expensive card in the original print run. You can see a shining Magikarp going for as low as $200.

So, it is an expensive card and the first print run in a long time. Keep a lookout for it in your Pokemon Celebrations run.

Another noteworthy card is the ground-dragon type Garchomp C level X. Many of the C-type cards will feature Cynthia as well. Imposter Oak is another valuable addition to the subset.

Perhaps one of the most expensive cards to the lookout for is the base set fire-type Pokemon Charizard. This is reflective of its expensive history.

Elite Trainer Box

The Elite Trainer Box opened for sales at around $64.99 wholesale, but the rare occurrence is increasing the price. The Pokemon Company in North America recently sold these boxes on their main site. But, since they are unavailable, your best bet is to check local retailers for their inventory.

It comes with everything you need to get started with the expansion, including 10 Celebrations booster packs, five Sword and Shield boosters, and a Greninja foil card. You also get 65 anniversary-themed card sleeves, 45 energy cards, a rulebook, one six-sided die, and a coin-flip die.

Within the Elite Trainer Box are 13 Celebrations Booster packs inside of this elite trainer box. There are also six other random booster packs inside as well. In total, there are 65 anniversary-themed card sleeves, 45 energy cards, one 6-sided die, a coin-flip die, and a rule book.

There are 5 Sword and Shield booster packs as well. But, the real incentive for this package is acquiring Greninja, the dark-water type Pokemon's promo card.

It is reprinted on an old stylized version of the star card. Making it a rare reprint reimagining of an original star card. This card should not classify as an expensive card, the promo card will average from $5 to $10. It is available in the pokemon center elite trainer box as well as the regular elite trainer box.

The Celebrations is a smaller set, many of these cards are doubling their MSRP upon opening. But, many local retailers will offer these sets in their online stores.

Pokemon Celebrations Expansion Packs

There are many different types of Pokemon Celebrations items. Each product comes with a variety of Sword and Shield expansion packs and many different Celebrations booster packs. The Sword and Shield packs will come with a standard 10 cards per pack.

You can also choose from four other themed collections. This includes the Lance's Charizard V at $20, the Dragapult Prime at 15$, the Dark Sylveon at $20, and the Pikachu V-Union at $30.

Each of the collection purchases comes with an oversized card, four individual Celebrations booster packs, and an additional Sword and Shield individual booster pack.

The Celebrations collection will continue to release newer items as the market continues. These later releases are similar to video game collectors' editions containing in-game content.

For instance, the Gigantamax Pikachu figure will include eight celebration booster packs and two foil cards. It will also include an additional three Sword and Shield expansion packs. 

Ungraded cards hold special value, but the value increases two-fold once an authenticator appraises the value of the card. So, make sure your cards are well kept in mint condition.

Celebration Collection Cards

There are a variety of Pokemon Celebrations Collection cards and additional expansion packs on the market. The collections are quick to sell out on commercial online retailers.

So, hurry to your local collector and snag the next available collection. These collectors hold plenty of resources to help determine the value of your cards and guide you towards your next purchase.

Visit our shop page to get your Pokemon Celebrations collection and start collecting today!

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