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Chilling Reign Pokemon Collection Cards: What to Know

Chilling Reign Pokemon Collection Cards: What to Know

Pokémon Cards are building in value over the years, with some collections amounting to over $500,000. The induction of the Chilling Reign Pokémon collection cards is expanding upon the series.

If you are interested in collecting you may want to check out this new series. This guide will give you all the information you need to on this next introduction of Chilling Reign Pokémon Collector Cards.

Chilling Reign Pokémon Collection Cards

This will be the eighth master set from the sword and shield series, known as the Chilling Reign Pokémon collection. Since there have been two subset releases, it marks the sixth main set overall.

If you plan to collect the entire set, you should invest in a Quadro Ultimate Guard that will allow collectors to retain their mint condition cards.

Our product page contains a set of sealed booster box cases. These cases include a hefty amount of individual booster packs. This can allow you to pull a few rares and holos from a set of boosters.

Sword and Shield: Chilling Reign Card List

The chilling reign set is part of the Pokémon Sword and Shield series. It held an official release date of June 18th, 2021. It contains many individual booster packs as well as starter sealed booster boxes.

A lot of the price points depend upon how the Japanese markets perform. So, the prices of these cards are subject to a price change as the market continues.

This set has a total of 396 cards with three exclusive non-hollow cards. Out of the 393 cards, 233 of them are the original main cards in the entire set. This also includes 136 reverse hollows.

Chilling Reign Grass Types

This list will go through every basic card including the holos, the commons, uncommon, and even the V max cards. The list begins with the grass types:

1. Weedle

2. Kakuna

3. Beedril

4. LadyBa

5. Ledian

6. Heracross.

These are normal grass-type Pokémon that include both common and reverse hollow versions of each type. Now, at this point, you will come across the first rare and valuable cards of the set: 

7. Celebi

8. Celebi V Max

The Celebi full art V card is going for the price range of $15 to $25, but of course, this price chart continues to change. Now, although that's a bit of a stretch, people are continuing to fluctuate that price value. But, the average price range for Celebi is going for around $20.

The grass list continues with: 

9. Snover

10. Abomasnow

11. Derling

12. Sawsbuck

13. Bounsweet

14. Steenee

15. Tsareena

16. Grookey

17. Thwackey

18. Rillaboom

19. Zarude

This concludes the list of grass types in the set. Each common grass type currently sells from $1-$2 per card. The pricing charts fall from graded to ungraded to PSA 10s. The PSA 10 cards can increase the value of the card.

Chilling Reign Fire Types

After the grass types, we enter the list of fire types which starts with two more valuable cards:

20. Blaziken V

21. Blaziken V Max

The surprising price point of this card began at $30 but rose to $115 in the past few months. The original PSA 10 cards value at almost $700. The fire type list continues with:

22. Castform Sunny Form

23. Larvesta

The next valuable trade in the list is:

24. Volcarona V

25. Volcanian V Max

These two cards begin at $10 for their price points but may fall as they are both less popular types of rare cards within the full art set. Both cards can average around $10-$30 apiece. The fire list continues with:

26. Scorbunny

27. Raboot

28. Cinderace

We end with three different Cinderaces, this is the first of our non-hollow exclusives. This is available with the build and battle kit. Introducing the first of the three exclusives.

Chilling Reign Ice Types

Thus, we begin to enter the ice types off the deck. These types also contain another exclusive which includes:

29. Lapras

30. Sneasel

31. Weavile

32. Delibird

33. Castform Rainy Form

34. Castform Snowy Form

35. Snorunt

36. Froslass

37. Spheal

38. Sealeo

39. Walrein

40. Tapu Fini

41. Sobble

42. Drizzile

43. Inteleon

The Inteleon trio includes the next exclusive. This is from the Intelion build and battle kit. It also includes the rapid strike card known as:

44. Urshifu

Then, we come across our next valuable card:

45. Ice Rider Calyrex V

46. Ice Rider Calyrex V Max

Here, we come across the Ice Rider versions of Calyrex full art cards. It's a decent-looking V card that averages $15-$20 in its price point.

Chilling Reign Electric Types

Then, we enter the world of electric types which begins with:

47. Mareep

48. Flaafy

49. Ampharos

50. Blitzle

51. Zebstrika

52. Thundurus

53. Zeraora V

Zeraora is one of the nicer-looking V cards on the lot. It is a rapid strike card currently averaging around $20 a piece. There are many full-art cards in the deck. 

Chilling Reign Shadow Type

54. Galarian Slowpoke

55. Gastly

56. Haunter

57. Gengar

58. Galarian Articuno V

Articuno is one of the first Galerian birds that you will reach on the deck. It is a colorful V Max card averaging around $40. But, the PSA 10 price can reach $400.

59. Ralts

60. Kirlia

61. Gardevoir

Here again, you have the three different types of hollow and non-hollow Gardevoirs. The Cresselia build and battle kit will include the non-hollow Gardevoir. This will be the final of the three exclusives. The shadow type list continues with:

62. Shuppet

63. Banette

64. Cresselia

65. Golett

66. Golurk

67. Swirlix

68. Slurpuff

69. Inkay

70. Malamar

71. Hatenna

72. Hattrem

73. Hatterene

74. Shadow Rider Calyrex V

75. Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX

The shadow-type Pokémon concludes with the two Shadow Rider Calyrexes. These are both full art V and VMAX cards averaging at $80 and $300 for the PSA 10.

Chilling Reign Ground Types

Afterward, we enter the Chilling Reign Ground Types. These include other converted elemental types as well. This list begins with:

76. Diglett

77. Dugtrio

78. Galarian Farfetch'd

79. Galarian Sirfetch'd

80. Galarian Zapdos V

81. Gallade

82. Galarian Yamask

83. Galarian Runerigus

84. Crambrawler

85. Crabominable

86. Rockruff

87. Lycanroc

88. Passimian

89. Sandaconda V

90. Sandaconda VMAX

91. Clobbopus

92. Grapploct

93. Kubfu

Chilling Reign Psychic Types

Here, we enter the range of the Psychic-type Pokémon. This is a vast collection featuring many V and V Max cards.

94. Koffing

95. Weezing

96. Galarian Weezing

97. Galarian Moltres V

98. Galarian Slowking

99. Galarian Slowking V

100. Galarian Slowking VMAX

101. Qwilfish

102. Seviper

103. Spiritomb

104. Liepard V

105. Venipede

106. Whirlipede

107. Scolipede

108. Single Strike Urshifu

Chilling Reign Steel/Rock Types

The Chilling Steel Rock/Types section begins with Aron. This section also includes several reprints of V and VMAX cards as well.

109. Aron

110. Lairon

111. Aggron

112. Metagross V

113. Metagross VMAX

114. Cobalion

115. Tauros

116. Porygon

117. Porygon 2

118. Porygon-Z

119. Blissey V

120. Zangoose

121. Castform

122. Kecleon

123. Shaymin

124. Tornadus V

125. Tornadus VMAX

126. Furfrou

127. Skwovet

128. Greedent

Trainers & Special Cards

129. Agatha

130. Avery

131. Brawly

132. Caitlin

133. Crushing Gloves

134. Doctor

135. Dyna Hill Tree

136. Echoing Horn

137. Expedition Uniform

138. Fire-Resistant Gloves

139. Flannery

140. Fog Crystal

141. Galarian Breastplate

142. Honey

143. Justified Gloves

144. Karen’s Conviction

145. Klara

146. Melony

147. Old Cemetery

148. Path to the Peak

149. Peonia

150. Peony

151. Rapid Strike Scroll of Skies

152. Rough Helmet

153. Siebold

154. Single Strike Scroll of Stab

155. Weeding Gloves

156. Welcoming Lantern

157. Impact Energy

158. Lucky Energy

159. Spiral Energy

Sword and Shield Elemental Types

This section contains various elemental types from the Sword and Shield kits. These are found in the build and battle booster sets as well as the individual elite packs.

160. Celebi V (Full Art)

161. Blaziken V (Full Art)

162. Volcanion V (Full Art)

163. Ice Rider Calyrex V (Full Art)

164. Ice Rider Calyrex V (Alternate Art)

165. Zeraora V (Full Art)

166. Zeraora V (Alternate Art)

167. Galarian Rapidash V (Full Art)

168. Galarian Rapidash V (Alternate Art)

169. Galarian Articuno V (Full Art)

170. Galarian Articuno V

171. Shadow Rider Calyrex V

172. Shadow Rider Calyrex V

The bulk of the Galeria pieces in this section are full art or alternate art cards. Which can range from $15-$20 in their price ranges. They are some of the nicer cards in the bunch featuring a

Among these types, the Shadow Rider may drop in price. It's currently around $40 in price which is exorbitant for its price point. But, better to jump in now for this card before its inevitable devaluation.  It will experience a significant price drop, especially since the set is officially releasing.

173. Galarian Zapdos V

174. Galarian Zapdos V (Alternate Art)

175. Sandaconda V (Full Art)

176. Galarian Moltres V (Full Art)

177. Galarian Moltres V (Alternate Art

178. Galarian Slowking V (Full Art

179. Galarian Slowking V (Alternate Art)

180. Liepard V (Full Art

181. Metagross V (Full Art

182. Blissey V (Full Art

183. Blissey V (Alternate Art)

184. Tornadus V (Full Art

185. Tornadus V  (Alternate Art)

The legendary bird trio Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are feature items. They are significantly lower in the price range than what we're expecting.

Their undervaluation will probably change later in the timeline. They include pop art style full art, with strong contours and beautiful coloration. They are around $25 to $30 in the price range. It's not surprising for these cards to eventually increase in value. 

Trainer Cards & Special Cards

There are many alternate artwork variations for these cards. At this moment, some of these cards are quite expensive. This is an infamously pricey set of cards.

For instance, Agatha is set at $30 with an eventual price increase down the line. While there are cards like Caitlin, Klara, and Honey who are all set at $55 with an eventual price increase in the future. They are beautiful cards with most containing a unique full art background.

Each of these cards contains rainbow art variants as well. Those variants may increase above $10 to $15 more.

186. Agatha (Full Art)

187. Avery (Full Art)

188. Brawly (Full Art)

189. Caitlin (Full Art

190. Doctor (Full Art)

191. Flamery (Full Art)

192. Honey (Full Art)

193. Karen’s Conviction (Full Art)

194. Klara (Full Art)

195. Melony (Full Art)

196. Peonia (Full Art)

197. Peony

198. Siebold

Special Rare Cards & Energy Cards

This selection ventures beyond the Sword and Shield main set. That set ends with Siebold. The following cards are more rare selections of trainers and full art cards.

These include many stylish alternate art cards such as the Blaziken V and VMAX set. Cards such as Blaziken VMAX have an outstanding $150 price point and will continue to grow. While cards like the Aurora alternate are at $120.

199. Celebi VMAX

200. Blaziken VMAX (Rainbow)

201. Blaziken VMAX (Alternate Art)

202. Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX (Rainbow)

203. Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX (Alternate Art)

204. Sandaconda VMAX (Rainbow)

205. Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX (Rainbow)

206. Shadow Rieder Calyrex VMAX (Alternate Art)

207. Galarian Slowking VMAX (Rainbow)

208. Metagross VMAX (Rainbow)

209. Tornadus VMAX (Rainbow)

210. Agatha (Rainbow)

211. Avery (Rainbow)

212. Brawly (Rainbow)

213. Caitlin (Rainbow)

214. Doctor (Rainbow)

215. Flamery (Rainbow)

216. Karen’s Conviction (Rainbow)

217. Klara (Rainbow)

218. Melony (Rainbow)

219. Peonia (Rainbow)

220. Peony (Rainbow)

221. Siebold (Rainbow)

222. Electrode

223. Bronzong

224. Snorlax

225. Echoing Horn

226. Fan of Waves

227. Fog Crystal

228. Rugged Helmet

229. Urn of Vitality

230. Welcoming Lantern

231. Water Energy

232. Fighting Energy

233. Psychic Energy

The Gold Item and Energy cards contain various prices. Items such as the echoing horn are starting at $20 and will eventually increase in value.

There are a few cards on the higher end such as the Fog Crystal, averaging around a $60 price point. Other Pokémon cards with higher price points in this set include the Slowking sets.

Among the chilling reign best cards, these cards are one of the more difficult to attain in completion. There are way too many pricey cards within this set to attain via simple booster packs.

The major chase card within this set is most likely Snorlax. It is averaging at $170 on a good day. Certain sites are listing Snorlax for up to $300. This is certainly a lucky pull if you are diving into the Sword and Shield Chilling Reign. Since it is on the chilling reign most expensive cards list.

This is a solid set for both players and collectors. It is a stack set with a dynamic range of collectible cards. It is unanimous that this set is one of the best of the Sword and Shield series.

Chilling Reign Pokémon Collection Cards

There are so many valuable cards within this set. It is one of the most difficult sets in the modern era to achieve full completion. Between all of the alternates and some of the full art cards, you are looking at potential astronomical price points later on down the road.

They are beautiful cards to keep for your collection and will inevitably grow in value. Consult with your local dealer and check the online auctions to follow the valuations.

Check out our product page for more information on Chilling Reign Pokémon Collection Cards and more!

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